Cocktail bar in an award-winning brewery. Combining passion for craft with the art of mixology.

MONK can be found upstairs in The Franciscan Well Brewery Pub. Monk Cocktail bar is the end sum of the innovation on the site of 14B North Mall. Here Eoin & the team offer a variety of tantalising & innovative concoctions that are set to challenge tastes and perceptions of the traditional cocktail norms. MONK also offers an extensive whiskey, gin & rum selection.

We are a Brewhouse Cocktail Bar located at the home of Ireland’s #1 craft beer brewery. With this in mind, we seek to embody the passion of the Franciscan Well brand and strive for craftsmanship, creativity and balance in our drinks.

The space is designed to make you feel relaxed and comfortable, with booths and larger tables to accommodate groups of all sizes.

As a Craft Cocktail bar, we design all of our own cocktails from scratch. We home-cook syrups & hand-make our own infusions and bitters. We support local craft products including gins, vodkas, whiskeys, brandies and liqueurs made in the area. We also source seasonal local ingredients as much as possible.

We have an extensive range of Irish gins, whiskeys & vodkas and stock exclusive craft beers that can’t be found at other bars in Cork alongside a comprehensive wine list.

Our location on the site of a brewery allows us to have unique access to both the products of the brewing process and the expertise of our on-site brewers and sommeliers.

From this we strive to marry the craft of brewing with the art of mixology and modern cocktail making.

This has allowed us to explore the characters and flavour profiles of both our own Franciscan Well beers and other Irish craft beers from a whole new perspective – how can we capture the essence of this beer using spirits.

To achieve this, we experiment with them to create unique products containing incredible flavour.

By reducing beers and making syrups, you can concentrate and manage their flavours to get what you seek from it. With this process, we can incorporate craft beers into some of our cocktails – or “craftails” as we like to call them – and match classic cocktails with a perfectly paired craft beer.

We also make a range of classic style cocktails using the best Irish-made craft spirits and ingredients with a few innovative twists of our own. Tell us how you like your G&T – we’ll serve you one using the most appropriate gin, juniper berries and a range of other ingredients to enhance the flavours and make it memorable.

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