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Bringing cocktails to your home!

A subscription gets you a MyMix box delivered every month.

Every month we will create a MyMix box around 1 Irish Spirit. We will provide you with everything you need, from fresh syrups, infusions & garnishes to make 3 different cocktails x 4…that’s 12 cocktails!

The box will contain all you need to create 3 x 4 cocktails BUT this time without the alcohol, this makes it easier for us to ship!

Each box is built around one spirit, showcasing various styles of cocktail-making.

Never made a cocktail before? We’ll teach you! MyMix comes with instructions & links so you’ll be a pro home mixologist in no time!

The recipe cards and Instagram reels will guide you through mixing and garnishing the cocktails, step by step.

We will hold an online Q&A with the distiller very month, streemed from MONK Cocktail Bar in Cork.