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The Fran Well

Widely known by locals and tourists alike, the Franciscan Well Bar, based in the heart of Cork city, has a deep-rooted passion for brewing and distilling. The Brewpub has won numerous awards including Best Tourist Bar and Best Outdoor space and our beers have won awards for their outstanding quality and taste.

Within ‘The Well’, as it’s known by friends, a large outdoor space is surrounded by the walls of the old Franciscan monastery. The unique atmosphere is derived from a mix of the enthusiasm and creative nature of the brewers, and the diverse crowd made up of patrons and craft beer lovers.

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Our Beers

Franciscan Well Brewery has combined modern technology with age old tradition, brewing classic beer styles including lager, ale, stout, and wheat beer, putting innovation at the forefront of the brewing process.

Our core range includes the well-known Chieftain IPA along with Rebel Red, Archway Lager Friar Weisse, and Shandon Stout. All of the beers brewed at the Franciscan Well use the finest natural ingredients and are additive-free and vegan friendly.

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The MONK Bar

Monk bar is the end sum of centuries of innovation on the site of 14B North Mall over the last 700 years.

Long before there were gin bowls and cocktail shakers on Leeside, our Franciscan Well MONKs were busily brewing up boozy concoctions. You can now enjoy MONKs cocktails Thursday to Sunday upstairs in our cosy candle lit room or get them batched to enjoy at home.

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Pompeii Pizza

Food it served onsite from our friends in Pompeii Pizza;

Pompeii Pizza serve a unique thin based pizza using the finest Italian type-00 flour in the dough while also milling their own flour on site. The finest quality ingredients are sourced from local suppliers including Toons Bridge Dairy, The Real Olive Company, and The Gubeen Smokehouse, while the famous Pompeii sauce is roasted in the wood-fired oven to make a mouth watering pizza.

Specials include Quattro Formaggi, Bianca, and Parmigiana. You can also choose your favourite topping combinations from the ‘Create Your Own’ menu. If you’re dairy-free, try the home made soy-based vegan cheese.

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